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SANI-TRED's Permaflex Waterproofing Solution

SANI-TRED’s PermaFlex is a cutting-edge waterproofing solution that sets the industry standard for durability and effectiveness. Designed to provide unmatched protection against moisture intrusion, leaks, and structural damage, PermaFlex is a game-changer for both residential and commercial applications. Its innovative formula ensures a seamless, permanent bond with a wide range of surfaces, including concrete, wood, steel, and more. Whether you’re looking to safeguard your basement, foundation, or other critical areas, PermaFlex delivers long-lasting, flexible, and reliable waterproofing results that stand the test of time.

Superior Waterproofing and Strengthening Capabilities

SANI-TRED’s PermaFlex is nothing short of remarkable when it comes to waterproofing and strengthening surfaces. This extraordinary product boasts an impressive 590% elongation capability, ensuring that it remains flexible and resilient, never hardening or becoming brittle over time. What sets PermaFlex apart is its unique ability to not only waterproof but also penetrate and fortify weak concrete and mortar joints. This ensures a strong, long-lasting bond that resists detachment, even when faced with powerful forces like freeze/thaw cycles, water or gas pressure, vibrations, and sudden shocks. PermaFlex is the ultimate solution for anyone seeking unparalleled durability and protection for their surfaces, making it a standout choice in the world of waterproofing and sealing.

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Detailed Specifications and Benefits

SANI-TRED’s waterproofing solution is remarkably resilient, withstanding the harshest conditions. It remains impervious to bubbling, chipping, peeling, cracking, or delamination, whether subjected to vehicle traffic, extreme temperatures reaching up to 250°F, or challenging negative hydrostatic pressure. Moreover, SANI-TRED’s product is environmentally friendly, being solvent-free, non-flammable, and boasting low VOC levels. With an impressive tensile strength of 2,030 psi, this liquid rubber coating can be applied with ease through brushing, rolling, or even spraying, offering unparalleled versatility in its application.

The unique formula ensures it can bond seamlessly with a variety of substrates, including concrete, wood, and metal. This makes it an ideal choice for numerous projects, from residential basements to commercial foundations. Additionally, the product’s ability to remain flexible and accommodate structural movements ensures that it can handle dynamic stresses without compromising its integrity. This flexibility is crucial for long-term durability, as it allows SANI-TRED to adapt to changes in the substrate, such as expansion and contraction due to temperature fluctuations.

Application Process

Applying SANI-TRED’s waterproofing solution is straightforward and can be accomplished through brushing, rolling, or spraying, depending on the project’s specific requirements. For optimal results, it is essential to follow a few key steps:

  1. Surface Preparation: Ensure that the surface is clean, dry, and free of any loose or crumbling material. For concrete surfaces, consider acid etching to open the pores and allow for better penetration of the product.
  2. Priming: Apply a coat at a coverage rate of 240 square feet per gallon. For highly porous surfaces, such as block, a second coat may be necessary to achieve full coverage and penetration.
  3. Patching: Address any cracks, joints, or holes with the LRB/TAV mixture to ensure a smooth and sealed surface. This mixture, when combined with SANI-TRED’s product, provides excellent waterproofing and flexibility.
  4. Top Coating: Finally, apply a top coat to seal the surface and provide a durable, long-lasting finish.

Environmental Considerations

SANI-TRED is not only designed to provide superior waterproofing and protection but also to be environmentally responsible. Its solvent-free, non-flammable composition and low VOC levels make it a safer choice for both applicators and the environment. This eco-friendly aspect aligns with increasing demands for sustainable building practices and materials.

Contact and Additional Information

For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact us today. You can also explore more of our blogs to gain deeper insights into how SANI-TRED can meet your waterproofing needs. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best solutions and support to ensure your projects are successful and long-lasting.

In conclusion, SANI-TRED’s waterproofing solution stands out as a superior choice, offering unmatched durability, flexibility, and environmental friendliness. Whether you are tackling a residential or commercial project, SANI-TRED delivers reliable protection and peace of mind, making it an invaluable asset in any waterproofing arsenal.

basement waterproofing blogs

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