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Learn how to Seal Grain Bins with SANI-TRED Products

How to Seal Grain Bin Step-by-Step

The following steps will show you How to Seal Grain Bin with SANI-TRED external waterproof sealant.

Products Needed: PermaFlexLRB (Liquid Rubber Base) and TAV (Thickening Activator)

Step 1 Prepare

The first thing you would do is prepare the substrate. Remove any loose deteriorated substrate, make sure the substrate is clean, dry, free of any previous applied products, and foreign matter.

If the grain bin has a previous applied product on the exterior that likely cannot be removed, one can either apply Sani-Tred products on the interior of the bin or over the existing material with the LRB/TAV at greater thickness (bridging beyond the existing material).

The photo below shows the galvanized steel & concrete being sand blasted in order to remove a previous applied products.

How to Seal a Grain Bin - Prepare

Step 2 Prime

Prime approx 3″-6″ out onto the slab and approx 3″-6″ up onto the bin using 1 coat of PermaFlex (240 sq ft per gal).

(3.14 x diameter of grain bin) / 240 = gallons of PermaFlex needed.

How to Seal a Grain Bin - Prime

Step 3 Patch

Apply a 1-1/4″ diameter caulk bead of LRB/TAV mixture (Liquid Rubber Base, Thickening Activator) where the bin meets the slab. 2-parts LRB is mixed with 1-part TAV to create the thickest mixture possible (approx the same viscosity as silicone caulk).

3.14xdiameter of grain bin = circumference
LRB/TAV “Round Caulk Bead Chart

Step 4 Topcoat

Topcoat using 1 coat of PermaFlex (240 sq ft per gal).
(3.14 x diameter of grain bin) / 240 = gallons of PermaFlex needed.

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basement waterproofing blogs

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