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Learn How to Dry Wet Concrete with SANI-TRED

Learning how to dry wet concrete is easy! The torch works best for drying wet concrete walls. The concrete requires a standard 20-30 lb propane tank to be ready to go! Perfect for artificially drying wet concrete surfaces before priming. This torch comes with a flow valve and turbo blast trigger for maximum flame and temperatures over 3000°F! Includes nozzle assembly, metal handle, hard rubber grip, and 6 ft. 6” hose. A weed burning torch is an important ‘quality control tool’ for indoor basement waterproofing. 

The Step-by-Step on How to Dry Wet Concrete

1. Put on long pants, a long sleeve shirt and heat-resistant gloves. Remove all flammable obstacles from the room.

2. Assemble the propane torch parts, inspecting each to make sure there is no damage and no o-rings are missing. Connect the torch assembly to a 20-pound propane tank according to manufacturers’ directions.

3. Test the torch for any leaks by shutting off the torch adjustment valve and opening the supply valve on the tank. Tighten or replace any parts of the torch assembly where there is a leak. Close the shut-off valve on the tank and open the torch adjustment valve after testing to release any gas in the torch.

4. Close the torch adjustment valve and leave it for 30 seconds. Open the shut-off valve on the tank slowly. Point the torch away from the tank and turn the adjustment valve just until you hear gas escaping. Hold the igniter near the end of the torch and strike it to light the torch.

5. Hold the torch so that the flame is 6-inches off the concrete floor. Wave the torch from left to right slowly over a small area. Keep the torch moving and walk slowly to a new area as you complete one portion of the floor.

Time Sensitive Steps

6. Begin timing. If the concrete shows signs of water/moisture within 30 minutes then it is too wet at this time due to it being an active flowing leak under pressure.

7. If the concrete stays dry for at least 30 min then torch it again.

8. While still very warm, not too hot to hold your hand to, then you can begin applying the 1st coat of PermaFlex.

9. Shut off the tank supply valve. Disconnect the torch assembly from the tank and leave it to cool before storing.

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