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How To Use The SANI-TRED Basement Calculator

Comprehensive Guide to Using the SANI-TRED Basement Calculator

The SANI-TRED Basement Waterproofing Calculator is an invaluable tool for homeowners and contractors alike, providing a smart and convenient way to determine the necessary materials and quantities for a basement waterproofing project. This tool simplifies the entire process by considering critical factors such as the dimensions of your space, the type of surfaces you are dealing with, and the desired level of protection. To help you get the most out of this tool, this in-depth Basement Calculator Tutorial will guide you through the steps of using the SANI-TRED Basement Waterproofing Calculator effectively.

Understanding the Basement Calculator’s Functionality

The primary function of the SANI-TRED Basement Calculator is to determine the quantities of materials needed to waterproof a basement. This includes calculations for waterproofing four walls, the floor, the wall/floor junction sealing, and any specified crack lengths. However, it’s important to note that the calculator is designed for complete basement waterproofing and does not cover partial waterproofing, individual walls, or just the floor. For more targeted waterproofing needs, refer to the specific SANI-TRED application details provided on their website.

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Steps to Use the Basement Calculator

Step 1: Gather Accurate Measurements

Before using the calculator, you need to gather precise measurements of your basement. Measure the height and width of each wall and the dimensions of the floor. Additionally, note the length of any cracks that need sealing. Accurate measurements ensure the calculator provides correct material quantities.

Step 2: Input Your Data

Access the SANI-TRED Basement Waterproofing Calculator on their website. You will find fields where you can enter the dimensions of your basement. Input the height and width of each wall, the floor dimensions, and the total length of any cracks. The calculator may also ask for additional details about the surface types and any specific requirements you have.

Step 3: Specify the Level of Protection

The calculator allows you to specify the level of protection you are aiming for. This might include standard waterproofing or more intensive measures for basements prone to severe flooding or moisture issues. Select the appropriate option based on your needs.

Step 4: Review the Calculated Results

After inputting all necessary data, the calculator will generate a list of materials required for your project. This includes quantities of SANI-TRED products like PermaFlex, LRB (Liquid Rubber Base), and TAV (Thickening Activator). Review these results to ensure they match your expectations and requirements.

Materials and Application Rates

The calculator provides a detailed list of materials along with their application rates. Here’s a quick overview of the primary SANI-TRED products and their uses:

  • PermaFlex: This is the main waterproofing product, used as a base coat for walls and floors. It’s designed to penetrate deeply into the substrate, creating a permanent waterproof seal.
  • LRB (Liquid Rubber Base): LRB is used for sealing cracks and joints. It’s a liquid rubber compound that cures to form a flexible, watertight barrier.
  • TAV (Thickening Activator): TAV is mixed with LRB to create a thicker compound, ideal for filling larger cracks and gaps.

Each of these products has specific application rates that the calculator takes into account. For example, PermaFlex is typically applied at a rate of 1 gallon per 200 square feet for walls and floors. LRB and TAV are used in varying proportions depending on the size and length of cracks.

Additional Resources and Support

For those who need further guidance, SANI-TRED provides additional resources and support. Their website features detailed guides and videos that explain each step of the waterproofing process. If you have specific questions or encounter any issues while using the calculator, you can contact SANI-TRED via phone, email, or web chat. Their customer support team is knowledgeable and ready to assist with any queries you may have.


Using the SANI-TRED Basement Waterproofing Calculator is a straightforward process that can significantly streamline your basement waterproofing project. By accurately inputting your basement’s dimensions and specifying your protection level, you can obtain a precise list of the materials needed. This ensures you are well-prepared for your project, saving both time and money. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional contractor, this tool, combined with the comprehensive support from SANI-TRED, ensures a successful and efficient waterproofing job. This Basement Calculator Tutorial has provided you with the essential steps and information needed to utilize the calculator like a pro. For more detailed guidance, always refer back to this Basement Calculator Tutorial or contact SANI-TRED’s customer support team.

basement waterproofing blogs

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